Our team is committed to helping you Master the ACT!

Side effects may include confidence and higher scores.

What's included in the Strategic ACT Prep Class?

Joining our program is a one-time fee which includes:

  •    "The Official ACT Guide" textbook
  •    Testing Timer Watch that can be used during the ACT
  •    Strategic ACT Prep Workbook 
  •    Access to 12 Practice Tests
  •    45 minute in person Test Mentor Meeting after Practice Test A
  •    10-15 minute phone call with Test Mentor after Practice Test B
  •    Four 1.5 hour classes for New Students ​(English, Math, Reading + Science, Strategy Review + Growth Mindset)
  •    Continued Access to Returning Student Workshops until Dec 2018

What is Continued Access?

After you have joined our program, you have access to our Returning Student Workshops until Dec 2018. We start our workshops about a month before each test. These workshops are a way for us to help you continue to refine your approach to the ACT by providing additional review and practice. 


REGISTER at www.act.org​​​​​​​​

  • Oct 27, 2018 National ACT

In order to serve more students, we will be transitioning into working with schools.

Our private classes will temporarily conclude Dec 2018. 

Our typical tuition is $545 for the class, but the class is currently reduced to $375 for the Oct ACT.  Tuition will be reduced $25 if you own The Official ACT Prep Guide and $30 if you own the Testing Timer watch. 

All of our Classes are Currently Full.

​​​​​Add Writing Analysis for $75 

~ Please note that not all colleges require the Writing Section.  We suggest you check with the schools you hope to attend to help you make your decision.

~ We will provide 2 Graded Writing Prompts and additional Practice Writing Prompts.

~ You will meet with our Writing Specialist for 2 fifteen minute web conferences to receive feedback and review your Graded Writing Prompts.   

​​​​Class Tuition 

~ Tuition includes all future Returning Student Workshops until Dec 2018.

~ All tuition is due on or before Practice Test A.  

~ You will receive an invoice shortly after registration.

~ You can pay online or make a check out to "Strategic ACT Prep" and mail to the following address:​ 

4953 S. 3000 W. Roy, Utah 84067

~ Electronic Payments can be accessed through the invoice.​

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