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My child has not taken the ACT yet but will be doing so soon. Do you recommend taking one ACT test before doing the class or can my student benefit from the class first? 
     Our class begins with a practice test which essentially take the place of the a first ACT test experience.  Having the first experience with the ACT be a practice test is ideal because it allows the Test Mentor to know exactly what your student has missed as well as their exact pacing (thanks to the Testing Timer ACT watch included in the class materials). 

     Many students receive lower scores than they expect on their first "take it cold" attempt at the ACT.  If this experience is a practice test, it is psychologically easier to handle the blow as they dissect the results with their personal test mentor.  Students who receive low scores in an official score report from ACT often begin to lower their ambitions about what might be possible for them.  I want students to aim as high as they can and taking a practice test before the actual ACT is a great way to help them feel encouraged, even when their first attempt doesn't go as well as they had hoped!

Which book will I need for the class?
     The Official ACT book was recently updated and we will be using the new book "The Official ACT Prep Guide." The book is included in the cost of the class, or you can buy the book yourself and we will refund $25 for the cost of the textbook.

What if I can't make it to the Practice Test?

       The Practice Test is designed to recreate the environment you'll experience at the ACT. As you take the Practice Test, we ask you to fill out an additional form to give us a better snapshot of your testing personality. Since there is no actual instruction that takes place during that time, it can easily be taken at a different time and location. Please let us know and we'll send you the specific details of which test and the testing guidelines.

How do I sign up for my one on one test analysis meeting?

    You will receive the link to sign up from your Test Mentor. You are welcome to sign up for your one-on-one test analysis meeting as soon as you have ACT results for us to review. 

What is the Testing Timer and how does it work?

     The ACT Testing Timer Watch is designed to show you how much time you have during each section of the test. It helps you maximize your time, reduce anxiety, and create a consistent test-taking environment. 

        1. Push Test Mode

        2. Verify the Correct Test is Ready to Go (ENG, MATH, READ, SCI, WRIT)

        3. Press Start Button and follow the Prompts

     For more instructions on your Testing Timer Watch click here.

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