Our team is committed to helping you Master the ACT!

Side effects may include confidence and higher scores.

Nothing can improve your admission and scholarship opportunities as much and as fast as improving on the ACT. 

1. register for the Act

It is your responsibility to register for the ACT before the deadline. Test registration is at act.org. You do not need to register for the Writing test unless your university specifically requires this section (most schools in Utah do not).


If you are registering for the December, April, or June tests, we highly recommend purchasing the Test Information Release. That way, the ACT testing company will also send you a copy of the test questions with your answers along with your score. This information is very beneficial if you decide to take the ACT again to improve your score.

7 STEPS TO SUCCESS in strategic act prep

In order to serve more students, we will be transitioning into working with schools.

Our private classes will conclude Dec 2018. ​

"This class is well worth the investment of time and money. The significant improvements my children have made in their ACT scores have generated increases in scholarships that far exceed the cost of the class. Through her personalized coaching and group instruction, Amanda has become an invaluable resource."
​-Lorelle Hall, Parent

3. email ACT Score report

If you have already taken the ACT we want to see your score for each section. It is especially helpful if you purchased the test info release which includes the questions with your answers. Your scores help us understand where you are to help us personalize strategies. For those who haven't taken the ACT yet, we will use your test scores from our first Practice Test. Please send a picture of your scores to strategicactprep@gmail.com.

2. register for the strategic ACT Prep class

In order to reserve your spot in the class, click on the blue button below to register.

4. add your class schedule to your calendar

Please note that the two Practice Tests will be held Saturday mornings from 8am-noon. For those who aren't able to make the Practice Test, we will email you instructions on how to take the test at home. During class, be prepared to take notes and engage in practice exercises while in class. In addition to the textbook you'll receive a Strategic ACT Workbook, which you should bring to every class. Don't forget pencils and your calculator.

5. pay  tuition

In order to serve more students, we will be transitioning into working with schools. Our private classes will temporarily conclude Dec 2018. Our typical tuition is $545 for the class, but it will be reduced the closer we get to Dec 2018. For example, $455 for the Sept ACT and $375 for the Oct ACT.  Tuition will be reduced $25 if you own The Official ACT Prep Guide 2017-2018 and $30 if you own the Testing Timer watch. Tuition is due before Practice Test A. Expect an invoice after you complete your online registration. 

7. deliberate Practice

The best way to improve your ACT score is to identify your most effective studying strategies and consistently apply these techniques.

6. sign up for your test analysis meeting

Sign up for your one on one test analysis meeting as soon as you have ACT results for us to review. This individualized attention is most effective when you bring your bubble sheet from the practice test or the Test Info Release. You will receive the sign up link from your Test Mentor.

"The class does such a great job of taking the knowledge a student has to the next level with competitive strategies. The one-on-one analysis of the practice test helped me to understand the areas I needed to improve on. It transformed my weakest sections on the test to my strongest. Strategic ACT Prep helped to give me the confidence I needed to perform well on test day."

- Andrew Bennett, Student